At first sight, Aces of the luftwaffe game brings me back some fancy memories about arcade shooting gaming on the 80’s and 90’s. Good ol’ shoot ’em up, Galaga style. In Arcade, shooting terms, the Aces of the Luftwaffe game certainly delivers. Adrenaline may freely flow through your system… if you like this particular gaming niche.

aces of the luftwaffe

Aces of the Luftwaffe will make you fly your plane day and night, through water, land, enemy posts, enemy lines, etc. while firing and bombing everything into bits. As the niche demands, Nearing the end of each gameplay level you will confront an epic battle against the biggest possible enemy planes and flying fortresses. You know it is coming, you know all hell will break loose, and you will need all your sweat and fast pacing firing to deliver (and endure) a gross barrage of firepower.

The guys behind the Aces of the Luftwaffe

The company behind the Aces of the Luftwaffe game is called HandyGames and is located in Giebelstadt, Germany. They already claim to have churned out more than 150 games, focusing on IOS, Android and even Windows Phones. They’ve been “at it” for some years now and it shows off. Their 55 employees take care of gaming details.

Surely enough, the Aces of the Luftwaffe game sounds simple in conception, but then again an enormity of gamers, particularly on mobile devices, are actually embracing the raw thrill of adrenaline, with fast paced gaming, while “keeping it simple”.

The story behind  Aces of the Luftwaffe

There is no convoluted  story, behind  Aces of the Luftwaffe game other than the known concepts that the name itself suggests, where you fly all over Europe while the air war is in full swing mode. You will face into oblivion wave after wave of enemy war machinery.  Watch the following game trailer to feel the arcade action power that steadily emanates from Aces of the Luftwaffe game: 

You may download Aces of the Luftwaffe game from this link.

The Verdict


The Good: Nice good 2D graphics, like 80’s and 90’s arcade games. Soundtrack is perfect. There are also some low keyed effects like screen vibration, that adds to the whole experience.

The Bad: 2D graphics

Earn your place on the League of Heroes

League of HeroesLeague of Heroes is a nicely rendered platform maze quest game from the guys at Gamelion Studios. In a pseudo 3D angled aerial view of Frognest Village, you command your character on his quest. You hack your way fighting enemies and thus helping the invaded villagers. You can customize your character with different weapons and armors, as you go deeper into Frognest forest,  earning experience and money (“silver”). You may also unlock some magic items while at it.

As an added gaming experience -provided you have Internet access while playing- League of Heroes will mimmic your weather and daylight status inside Frognest world. This may include fog, rain, clouds, sun, night … even thunders.

On the money side, the game itself is a free play deal, but there are in-game pruchases available that may help on your quest inside League of Heroes story, as for example buying new weapons. The alternative to real money is to discover and collect silver coins and gems inside the game, which will surely slow your pace down inside each quest (game level).

Attention to details on League of Heroes

League of Heroes is a hand-drawn game. You will find top notch animations and drawing expertise on each of the sixty quests inside the game. You may try it on a big screen, so hopefully you got a tablet in order to play League of Heroes.

The Verdict


The Good: Nice Graphics and sound. Interesting addition of realtime weather and day / night effects

The Bad: Simple 2D arcade style playability.

Cut the Rope is a physics based game with a touch of Ninja

Cut the RopeCut the Rope is a seriously addictive game. The idea behind Cut the Rope is to feed candy into a cute monster. Candies are hanging from ropes, or depending on other hanging objects to move them, in order to end up feeding the monster. You will need to analyze each level in order to determine the best cutting strategy so candy is delivered into monster’s mouth.

You will get plenty of playability and fun time as Cut the Rope includes 350 levels for you to solve. Graphics are quite good, as also is the physics engine. Give it a look on the following video:

Cut the rope comes both in free and paid versions

You may either pay for Cut the rope -not a steep amount of money, btw- and forget about those pesky ads, or maybe you may want to try a different approach.

Regarding those irritating ads, do the following: close internet connection on your Android device before starting to play Cut the Rope. It has been reportedly commented on the user’s comments area that adjusting such simple previous setting, you will say goodbye to the in-game ads.

You can download the free verson of Cut the Rope from google play store by following this link.


The Verdict


The Good: Nice graphics and physics engine

The Bad: Free version may be a bit overcooked with ads everywhere.

Play as the Death Worm

Death WormYou may control the Death Worm on its havoc path. Your aim in this Android game is to command your death Worm into destroying infantry, airplanes, helicopters and even aliens!  The Death Worm is a  huge worm capable of moving with an incredible speed below ground while jumping and flying over the ground and into the air, given enough gained momentum. In other words, you are “the bad worm”, eating up each level’s life.

We found the Death Worm concept as refreshing, a novel idea, which we welcome in the Android Games arena. Certainly addictive, Death Worm can be downloaded as a paid version (currently USD 1.99) or a  free version with less levels and enemy types, but with tons of fun and playability, nonetheless.

Test your Skills with Death Worm (and that’s it)

Certainly you will need quick reactions and ahead thinking while controlling your Death Worm, in order to calculate each burst into the open ground and maximize your killing effectiveness, including animals and humans.  But then, that is it. The game may become repetitive and finally boring after ten or fifteen minutes of play. This might be more than enough for casual playing, so I am not saying the game is not worth your download. On the contrary, given tthat Death Worm includes a free version , I do recommend to give it a try. It may prove ideal for killing some boredom on your phone or tablet.

The Verdict


The Good: Interesting concept, nicely rendered, great playability.

The Bad: May get a bit repetitive. Paid version is reportedly not that better, compared with free version, as can be read in user reviews.

Critical Strike Portable is one of the best FPS for Android

Critical Strike PortableThis Android game called Critical Strike Portable does not feel like a mobile game at all, but rather as a full fledged, console wise, FPS or First Person Shooting game. Critical Strike Portable claims to be a tribute to Counter Strike, made from scratch by the independent guys at Studio OnMars which is a game development studio from Finland.

A very appealing thing from Critical Strike Portable is their cross platform multiplayer mode, allowing you to play not only in your Android Device but also against / with guys running under iOS and Web. Of course you can also play in single player mode, against the usual bots. You may download this 100% free game by following this link into the Google Play Store.

Extending Critical Strike Portable with your own maps

Another interesting aspecto of Critical Strike Portable is that you are able to add custom made maps, provided that you know your way around with Unity 3D. In case you are wondering, Unity 3D is a game development package that allows you to build beautiful 3D games and render code for Android, iOS and Web. We must say that this fact alone means that Critical Strike Portable is yet one of those creations.

On the dark side, the Unity 3D gaming engine may prove a bit cumbersome for some Android devices Hardware. This in turn means random freezing and slow downs on lower end specs for Critical Strike Portable game.

The Verdict


The Good: Free game, nicely scripted, tons of fun, with rapid FPS action

The Bad: Some users encountered problems while installing or playing the game.