Benji Bananas

Benji Bananas

Benji Bananas is a fast paced platform game where you control this cute monkey on it's quest for Bananas and other fruits.

Benji Bananas craves for … well, Bananas!

benji Bananas gameBenji Bananas is a cute monkey residing in your Android device. This game, published by Fingersoft is a fast paced platform game that relies on real world physics rules to give you a nice and somewhat demanding playability. You help Benji Bananas on it’s quest for bananas and other fruits. The game is for free, but includes several ads.

Benji Bananas on Detail

Kudos to Benji Bananas developement team: They managed to output a piece of art. ¬†It excels on several angles: For a start, on the graphics side, Benji Bananas is cartoon styled including lots of excellent hand work. Gameplay is well thought, being simple enough on it’t forward premise, as your task involves collecting bananas and other fruits, while jumping among different landscapes. The demanding part where your skills will show off is the physics engine, which keeps things interesting and moving along.

There are other additions that may pose as extra fun: You will unlock special powers while munching those bananas, including the ever wanted Jetpack, allowing Benji Bananas to fly around, while taxing a bit more on your skills. You can also cloth Benji Banana into a ninja  monkey, or if you prefer a darker side, place a gas mask on it.

You may download Benji Bananas game by following this link over the Play Google Store.

The Verdict


The Good: Excellent graphics, cartoonish style, handmade backgrounds, physics playability

The Bad: When your Benki Bananas die, you will start again from top.

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