Critical Strike Portable

Critical Strike Portable

Critical Strike Portable is a fast action 3D FPS game, similar to Counter Strike. If you like FPS games, this is a 100% free must have download!

Critical Strike Portable is one of the best FPS for Android

Critical Strike PortableThis Android game called Critical Strike Portable does not feel like a mobile game at all, but rather as a full fledged, console wise, FPS or First Person Shooting game. Critical Strike Portable claims to be a tribute to Counter Strike, made from scratch by the independent guys at Studio OnMars which is a game development studio from Finland.

A very appealing thing from Critical Strike Portable is their cross platform multiplayer mode, allowing you to play not only in your Android Device but also against / with guys running under iOS and Web. Of course you can also play in single player mode, against the usual bots. You may download this 100% free game by following this link into the Google Play Store.

Extending Critical Strike Portable with your own maps

Another interesting aspecto of Critical Strike Portable is that you are able to add custom made maps, provided that you know your way around with Unity 3D. In case you are wondering, Unity 3D is a game development package that allows you to build beautiful 3D games and render code for Android, iOS and Web. We must say that this fact alone means that Critical Strike Portable is yet one of those creations.

On the dark side, the Unity 3D gaming engine may prove a bit cumbersome for some Android devices Hardware. This in turn means random freezing and slow downs on lower end specs for Critical Strike Portable game.

The Verdict


The Good: Free game, nicely scripted, tons of fun, with rapid FPS action

The Bad: Some users encountered problems while installing or playing the game.


  1. ibrahim idresse March 26, 2014 8:36 pm  Reply

    Thanks but how do I download it

  2. July 5, 2013 10:08 am  Reply

    I can’t download the file

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